vc ccTLD "Domain Backorder" aka "Domain Drop Catch" Guide

This article is about “domain backorder” or “domain drop catch” in general and domain backorder of .vc ccTLD in particular. After reading this article you will be able to get info about why you should backorder .vc ccTLD and where you may backorder .vc ccTLD. In this article there are reviews of domain back-ordering services that deal with .vc TLD backorder, as well. After reading this post, you would be an informed investor as far as .vc ccTLD domains are concerned. Article contains everything you should know about .vc ccTLD backordering.

What is “domain drop catch” and “domain backorder”

Any domain name is registered for a specified period of time. Domain name should be renewed before domain name expires. If a domain name is not renewed, it expires and becomes available to register again.This is called domain name “dropping”. If someone thinks the domain name  has value, That person  tries to register it after the drop. This is called “domain name catching”. A valuable domain gets “caught” in milliseconds after the “drop”. Also, there are more than one entity trying to catch it. Domain catching has two business models. First is an individual trying to catch the domain, using registrars API (Application Programming Interface). Second is the registrar itself catches the domain and either auctions it to the highest bidder or gives it for a fixed price. Domain catching service by registrars and giving to registrants is called “Domain Backorder Service”. When domain catching becomes competitive, the chance of an individual catching the domain becomes almost impossible. I used to catch expiring .vc TLD Domains in 2018 and 2019, Now I also depend on domain name backorder services by various registrars.

What is .vc ccTLD extension?

.vc ccLTD is Top Level country code TLD for “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines”. .vc TLD started domain name registration in July 2002. There are no restrictions on registering .vc ccTLD. Registration of .vc TLD is open worldwide and used world wide as well. VC also stands for “Venture Capital ”, “Ventura County”,” Version Control” or “Video Conferencing” etc. This blog address has abbreviated VC to “Very Cool”. Most of the websites using .vc ccTLD are being used by “Venture Capital” firms. But now there are many exceptions and there is the use of VC ccTLD in all sorts of websites.

.vc ccTLD evolution and background

I registered my first .vc ccTLD name 22nd February 2011, name was I am using the name for my blog . In 2018, I realised that this extension will fly. So I was able to hand-register or catch many domains which are “gems” in 2018 and 2019. Some of domains, which I hand registered or caught are,,,,,,,, and many more. I did write a blog post on another blog in October 2019 and made a case for .vc ccTLD domains. My post was, Why it’s the right time to invest in vc ccTLD. I did share the post in one of the domain name Whatsapp groups. Everyone started attacking me and one of the admin even warned me that I was misguiding newbies.

why .vc  ccLTD domain name backorder?

Data speaks louder than words. is a service, where you may research reported domain sales to Unfortunately, there are many domain buying and selling platforms that don’t report domain sales to NameBio. Dan and Uniregistry are prominent entities that don’t report domain name sales to NameBio. Both and Uniregistry have become popular in the last five years or so.So, there are many domains that were sold at these platforms that were not reported. Still, whatever data we have, we will use it for our study. Search for all domains on in .vc extension that were sold for 4000 USD or more . There are 63 results (valid on 3rd September 2022). Lets analyse the data, first reported sale of .vc TLD 4K USD or more is on 15th March 2016. Out of 63 results,43 are from 1st January 2020 to 3 September 2022.  Also,if you search for a .vc sale report for 15k USD or more, there are 5 results, all from 2021 and 2022.Not only that, highest reported sale, not reported to is, for 64000 USD. Sale of also happened in 2022.As you may conclude, in the last couple of years, .vc ccLTD investment has gone mainstream. Now, it is almost impossible to “catch” a premium .vc TLD by registrant unless you have a registrar credential. so, there is a need to use .vc ccTLD back-ordering services.Fortunately, there are many back-ordering services for .vc ccTLD. In the next section, I will talk about them.

.vc TLD Backorder services.

I have used all .vc domain backorder services in the last couple of months.So, I am the right person to help you with my experience with them. Review, an brand is a big name in domain backorder service, they provide backorder of almost all TLD.You need to create an account at and verify it. You would also need to put your credit card details with to participate in back order and auctions at Their verification process takes a few days. Base price for backorder of .vc ccTLD at is 28 USD (excluding credit card charge of .84 USD). If there are more than one back order on a name, the domain goes for auction. However, auction doesn’t start immediately.They park the domain for a few days and provide earning report from the parked domain when the auction of the domain starts. Also, even if you have not back-ordered a name that goes for auction, you would be eligible to participate in the auction. The USP (unique selling point) of is their base price. Registry charges 25 USD for .vc registration, gives it to you for 28 USD, if there is no one else back-ordered the name. I had success with them in a couple of domains, and, both at a base price of 28 USD. Review

Registar Dynadot is a very popular brand among domain name professionals. To place a backorder request at Dynadot, You must have $5 in account balance or have successfully completed an order of $5+ in the last 365 days.If you are new to Dynadot or do not have a recent order history, the easiest way to fulfil this requirement is by creating a prepay order.Account prepay at Dynadot means putting money into your account which can then be used towards buying Dynadot products and services.You would also need to set “Marketplace Default Payment Settings” to backorder a domain. Domain Backorder request at Dynadot only works if the domain name is in “Pending Delete” stage. If there are more than one backorder for the same .vc ccTLD name, the domain would go for auction. Base price for .vc ccTLD is 49.99 USD, given you are the only guy who has placed a backorder request on the domain name. If there are multiple backorders for the same domain, a backorder auction will be held. The starting bid will be $5 over the backorder price and will be placed for the customer who first placed the backorder.In last couple of months, I have placed 15 backorder requests for .vc at Dynadot and they haven’t caught any of them. So the success rate with Dynadot is low for .vc ccTLD. Review is a 1API reseller brand. But to drop-catch of .vc ccTLD they use registrar credentials of “Secura GmbH”.Base price to back order a .vc ccTLD at Hexonet is 72.25 USD. If there is more than one back order, the domain goes for auction. Important thing to note, 3 days before domain drops, Hexonet reserves 72.25 USD towards backorder. So, your backorder will only work,if there is at least 72.25 USD in your account. I had little success with Hexonet, I successfully backordered, and with Hexonet at a base price of 72.25 USD, in the last couple of months. Review provides a list of domains that are expiring in the coming week. So, you can only backorder from the list. You need to have a verified account with and a credit card on file. Base price for .vc ccTLD back order is 99 USD. If there is more than one backorder for the name, the domain goes for auction. Also, even if you have not back-ordered the name and domain goes for auction, you can participate in the auction. I had success with one of the names in 2019, that was in the last couple of months, I had placed 6 backorder requests with, but there was no success. only bills you, if you win the backorder or the auction, whichever is applicable.  aka GrepApps Technology Inc, Review is located in Taiwan. They also provide a list of domains dropping soon. You need to have an account with credit card details on their file. They take a couple of days for verification of account. They approve accounts manually. You need to have a valid credit card to backorder a domain. Their base price for .vc ccTLD is 99 USD. If there are more than one backorder, the domain that was caught goes to auction. Once a domain goes for auction, someone who has not even back-ordered the name, is eligible to participate in the auction. In the last couple of months, I had back-ordered 7 .vc ccTLD domains with them. I had success with them for ultra-premium category killer, (SEO.VC). I won that in an auction. They only charge your credit card, if you successfully back-ordered or won the auction of the name. Review

Epik has a totally different model of business for backorder of .vc ccTLD. You need to backorder the name at least 2 hours before the drop time. They charge you 199 USD, at the time of backorder. They only take one request for backorder. So, if you have back-ordered a domain and Epik catches it, it will be yours. No auction is done for the acquired name.If they fail to catch the back-ordered name, you may cancel the backorder and request them to withdraw the fund used at the time of backorder. I did backorder one name in the past, which they could not catch, and on my request they reversed the credit card payment.

How to get a list of expiring vc domains?

.vc ccTLD registry Afilias doesn’t publish zone files to download. So, you need to visit, and for upcoming deletion.At, you may sort the deletion list with the number of TLD keywords that are registered as well. It will help you to decide which domains you should backorder and at which backorder service you may backorder with.

Story of a invisible .vc ccTLD investor

I am closely watching the .vc TLD domain drop in the last couple of Months. There is an investor, who is quietly building his .vc portfolio at grand scale. He has taken three registrar accreditation for .vc registration. He is catching the .vc ccTLD domains and not using any name-servers for caught domains. The three registrar credentials he is using are, and All of his domains have an organisation name as “Bahl co”. I did have a few email exchanges with him.I had asked him if he is doing domain catching on behalf of customers. He is a nice guy,he replied politely that he is not providing any backorder service. His success rate is very high.

Does the .vc ccTLD domain sell?

I am able to sell 5 domains out of around 135 names I had in my portfolio between 2019 till date.I am also negotiating a sale privately as I am writing this post. My sales price is between 2000 USD and 4500 USD. So, I had moderate success in selling .vc ccTLD.

Summary : If you had missed the bus in 2018 and 2019 by not registering .vc ccTLD names, you still have a chance to build your .vc ccTLD with backorder services.If you liked the post, please share it with social media links below this post. Also, please visit homepage and look for the section “Our social media presence” and follow “Linkedin page” and “Facebook page” of the blog to keep you updated with articles.

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