My Name is Anjan Bhushan. I live in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state of India. If you have no idea about Ranchi, you should know that legendary cricketer MS Dhoni is from Ranchi. Welcome to my blog, chilli.vc. Generally Chilly is very hot but this blog chilli.vc is (V)ery (C)ool πŸ™‚
I am a Digital Entrepreneur. Albert Einstein has said “β€œThe only source of knowledge is experience.“. I have experience as Webmaster, Blog Writer, Linux System Admin and Domainer. In this blog, I will share my knowledge acquired from experience. I manage websites, so I am a webmaster. I write blogs so I am a Blog Writer or Blogger. I manage VPS (Virtual Private Server) which allows me to get experience in System admin. Also, I do buy and sell domain names, so I am a domainer.

I already have a “Digital Intoxication” blog http://hi.fi.vc Where I am writing on different topics. I have been writing on this blog since 2011. I will continue to write on hi.fi.vc, but only on topics not covered here.Blog hi.fi.vc also has many political posts. I thought there was a need to separate my technology topics to a new blog. Also, the idea is to write on technical topics in my niche more frequently. You may read my “About” page of the other blog at Other Blog.

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